Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a discount for a second or more horses?

Yes, for more than one horse there is a $20 discount per horse per month only for horses after the first. ie first horse full price, discount for second horse etc.

Has the fencing been repaired around the property?

We are always maintaining and repairing fencing around the property 

Why can’t I pay at the office each week?

Unfortunately we can only provide you with the option of Direct Debit or Credit monthly. Your Tax Invoice is your application form. You will be charged on the first of each month in advance.

How will the billing work?

You will be charged on the first of each month in advance for the agistment option selected. We will pro rata the first month agistment fees.

How are the horses being fed?

Horses will be fed on improved pastures and provided with Lucerne hay daily.

How are the horses herded?

By being called from the feed trailer.  No chasing for hunting up action will be used.

Are there separate yards or paddocks?

Yes, please see our prices page for a list of paddocks and yards available

Does my horse need a Vet check?

No, unless current location of the horse is in a known infected area.

Do I need insurance?

Scenic NSW Equine Centre has current public liability insurance coverage for equine related activities through Affinity Risk Partners. Scenic NSW Equine Centre does not accept any liability or provide any insurance with respect to the participant and/or horses. Participants must obtain their own appropriate insurances for personal accident and third party property.